Jungle safaris, of course, are most prominent on the African continent and typically require a guided voyage on a jeep to truly experience the varied habitats of the wild and open landscapes common for such expeditions. These jungle safaris will take you into the heart of some of the most exotic locales on earth.

But Myrtle Beach is home to Jungle Safari mini-golf and it’s time to go deep into the Myrtle Beach forest and experience the real-life adventure of this mini-golf course of the wild. Here, you’ll putt through the vast savanna of Myrtle Beach while some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife surrounds you. This is a protected refuge, so stay on the mini-golf paths before you. There will probably be something lurking along the way…maybe the likes of an elephant, giraffe, zebra or other wild animal that could come into play.

So, grab your putter and favorite colored mini-golf ball and head into the jungle. But remember, on your quest to become the Myrtle Beach “King of Jungle” Safari mini-golf, you’re in the jungle…play by their rules.


All operational hours are subject to change without notification. Weather permitting.

MonthDate RangeHours
January 20191, 2, 5, 6, 12, 13, 18-21, 26, 27. 10am - 4pm, Weather Permitting. Open New Year's Day. All other dates closed.
February 20191 - 2810am - 4pm, Weather Permitting. (President's Day Feb.18)
March 20191 - 99am - 9pm, Weather Permitting
March 201910-229am - 10pm, Weather Permitting
March 201923-319am - 11pm, Weather Permitting
April & May 20199am - 11pm, Weather Permitting
June, July, August 20199am - 11:30pm, Weather Permitting
September 20191 - 29am - 11pm, Weather Permitting (Labor Day Sept, 2)
September 20193 - 309am - 10pm, Weather Permitting
October 20191 - 27Sun - Thurs 9am - 9pm, Fri - Sat 9am - 10pm Weather Permitting
October 201928 - 31Closed
November 20191-3010am - 4pm, Weather Permitting (Open Thanksgiving Day)
December 20191 - 3110am - 4pm, Weather Permitting (Closed Christmas Day)
January 20201 - 510am - 4pm, Weather Permitting (Open New Year's Day)

General Admission

Adult: $10.00 before 6pm
Adult: $11.00 after 6pm

Child: $9.00 before 6pm
Child: $10.00 after 6pm

All-Day till 6pm $15.00 *at this location only


Contact Us

Jungle Safari Miniature Golf
71st Ave. N. and Kings Highway,
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

P: 843-315-0311